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    The HoneyPot

    When Life Gives you Lemons...

    Thanks so much for stopping by Lemon Honey Jewelry. My guess is, if you're reading this, you love statement jewelry just as much as I do. Speaking of which, who is the face behind Lemon Honey Jewelry anyway?? It's me! :: waves::

    I'm Krystle, affectionately known as "Miss Honey" and this is The HoneyPot, the official blog for Lemon Honey Jewelry. Here, I'll discuss what I'm currently obsessing over be it fashion, interiors, art, DIY's and course lots of sweet and sassy accessories! 

    I've always been enamored with jewelry and girly things. As a child you could find me prancing around in my mother's shoes, draping myself in her scarves and rummaging through her purse trying to get an idea of what I would carry when I was all grown up. But my favorite place to daydream was my mother's dresser. There you'd find her many perfume bottles, face creams, random hair accessories but most importantly, her jewelry box. Every chance I get, I would sneak in and try on every piece of jewelry. Gold necklaces. Rings with colored gemstones. Pearl bracelets. But my personal favorite was a navette style ruby ring. It belonged to my grandmother, who I imagined wore it along with a ring on every finger as women often did in the 70's and  80's. My mother's jewelry was where I determined that is was a combination of the right scent, shoe and accessory that would officially solidify me as woman.

    As I got older I explored various types and styles of accessories. Initially it was 10 to 24k gold rings and bracelets given to me as gifts in my rally youth  but one ring was never enough. Then I ventured through a  baubles and  beaded plastic jewelry phase through high school and college. Back then Clairies was a favorite among that girls but I always felt Icing was more for the seniors and thus cooler therefore all prom and homecoming accessories came from there. Then college came and was suddenly meeting fashion forward classmates that wore Guess watches and BeBe dresses but my poor college student status left me committed to Forever 21 outfits and the

    Then college came the stakes  were suddenly high. I needed suits for internship interviews and group presentations. I needed lipstick and instead of lipgloss. I needed drop feather earrings and arm full of wooden bangle bracelets and clutch purses to match my outfits  for all the adult college parties I was attending. It was evident that as I evolved into my womanhood so did my taste in jewelry.

    Now as 20 something professional in urban New York, I crave a polished look. I like accessories that are youthful, yet allow me to look like the  woman I am.  I've traded flip flops for smart flats. My tennis shoes for sensible pumps.  I left my juvenile taste in jewelry in my youth.

    At Lemon Honey jewelry you'll find pieces that encourage you to